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Hello, I am Ogoina Blessing, a wife, and mother of two lovely kids with over 10 years of experience in counseling at different levels. Firstly, I spent the early part of my life counseling and mentoring teenagers and youths, taking into consideration their challenges and connecting most of them to the home settings as part of the root causes. These fueled a new passion in me years ago to do some extensive research in the society about the growing issues in marriages that tend to lead to a lot of troubling issues in our society and better ways to manage and curb them. Fortunately, my personal rich experiences from childhood, growing through different stages of my life, having to experience some real issues as an ideal African child, coupled with my experience as a wife and now a mother has added layers of wisdom and passion to see that I replicate bliss and peace in more homes in our society and
finally the world at large. In a bid to change the negative narratives and results concerning marriages and give young people hope in great unions, we have put together a very detailed three months marital courses ranging from the fundamentals of a wonderful union which includes self-discovery and self- development to sustainable principles that when applied will make your marriages work. Now, we are well aware that every home has its unique challenges and solution approaches, this is why we would not just touch surface solutions, but we would walk you through the root causes and guide you in the application of God-inspired wisdom to enable you to handle your challenges with confidence which results to success.

Congratulations! Getting to this point, you are a step in the right direction to reviving and creating bliss
in your homes which will then breed peaceful atmospheres of love and positive growth.
Click enroll now with those expectations and watch the visible changes in your marriage take effect.

Intense Marital Courses For:

There's 4 Different Class Modules you can participate:

General Class >> For Individual & Couple
Private Class >> For Individual & Couple

Period - 3months Online

Course Outline:

*Self-discovery; discovering your purpose in life

*Wedding planning and its challenges

*Compatibility; discovering and working with each other’s core values and principles

-Making compromises

-How a husband and wife can function as marriage partners.

-How a husband and wife should manage their priorities.

-Taking note of little foxes in marriage


-Sensitivity to the needs of your loved ones

-Sensitivity to the power of the tongue in marriage

*Dealing with delayed childbirth

*The power of agreement in marriage

*Dealing with the early challenges of marriage (Background, personality, and belief differences)

*Cheating; the effects and consequences

*Dealing with pregnancy

*Dealing with miscarriage

*Challenges of childbirth

*Dealing with in-laws/relatives.

*The unique challenges of raising godly children

*Financial planning in the home.

*Contentment in marriage

*God’s model of marriage and the hidden blessings in it (in details)

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 by Glory
She has been a blessing

I had an issue in my home and contacted her, we spoke and she gave me some sound counsel which saved my marriage

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