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Praying for God to increase your husband wisdom is from a place of love, not selfishness

Let me share this with you.

There was this very spiritual, born-again lady, her husband cheats on her. Once she decided to host a little prayer meeting for her close circle of women so that they could all be praying for their husbands. When they started the prayer session, she will start praying prayers like; ‘Father blind the eyes of my husband to other women let him see only me’, ‘I come against every home wrecker’ etc. This particular woman that was part of the meeting found the prayers strange. What are you praying? When she shared her experience with me (then, I wasn’t even married). I started to laugh at the gross ignorance. Now, let me educate you on this topic. Some people think that they should be against cheating because it hurts their spouses. I normally tell my husband; I love you more than that to be thinking selfishly about how cheating affects me if you cheat. It is not about me, it is more about you and all the damages it causes. Yes, I will be heartbroken, but this thing is beyond how I feel.

‘Kings! Don’t loose your crowns at the gate of infidelity!’ When you break the edge, the serpent will bite. The family is a sacred union where destinies are born. You don’t desecrate that alter because of the funny feeling. I have never prayed against cheating in my home because I know the roots. Proverbs says that a foolish man goes to bed with the loosed woman, but he doesn’t know that the dead are there. I know that a wise man will never take that path. Now, why would I waste my time praying that a foolish man shouldn’t cheat? That is what fools are known for, you can never pray that a pig should not get dirty, it is a natural thing for a pig to get dirty.

I spend my time praying that God should increase the wisdom of my husband, and I sit down with him to educate him about the dangers of cheating. Praying for God to increase his wisdom is from a place of love, not selfishness because I know that if he gets wiser, he will grow more prosperous in life and he would make more exploits. Look at the big picture! Look at it with me! Read the book of proverbs again and let it sink; stop wasting your time in that prayer meeting praying amiss. The wisdom of God is available for all!

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